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The enrolment process at Our Lady of the River usually starts with a Principal’s Tour. You will be taken around the School by our Principal, Ros Oates and joined by some of the student leaders – school captains and vice-captains – and have a chance to ask your questions as you explore the school.

Tours can be booked in with the Principal by calling 0417787843, 08 85821128 or emailing, roates@olor.catholic.edu.au.

Following the tour, you will receive a school enrolment package which contains an enrolment form. Once you’ve returned the enrolment form, we will book in a time for an enrolment discussion, if required.

There are currently spaces in all classes at Our Lady of the River School.

If you would like to secure an enrolment place before your child is eligible to begin school or you are unable to attend a Principal Tour, you can fill in an enrolment form (attached below) and send it to the Principal electronically or hand the form into the Administration Officer at the school during office hours.  The Principal will contact you to discuss your application to enroll your child at Our Lady of the River School.

email: roates@olor.catholic.edu.au or info@olor.catholic.edu.au

For more information: contact us.