Motto and Emblem

Our school motto: Charity at all times

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The history of Our Lady of the River School has been greatly influenced by the Sisters of St Joseph. Up until the end of 1996 the Josephites have had a Religious Sister in the school except for the years 1963 to 1971 when the Daughters of Charity accepted responsibility for the management of the school. It is from these two Religious orders that our motto emerged.

The Sisters of St Joseph have a motto ‘In All Things Love’. Due to the presence of the Daughters of Charity in our School, it was decided to include the word charity in the motto. This blend has resulted in the motto: Charity at all times.

As a school community we are challenged by this motto to extend our goodwill to all people. It is a priority that we encourage our children to participate in Community Service and Mission activities throughout the year.

School Emblem

Our emblem identifies the waters of the majestic Murray River and the sun of the Riverland region. The cross containing the letter ‘M’ is a symbol of the Sisters of St Joseph and it displays their devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. When united, these elements are reflected in the name of our school: Our Lady of the River.

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