The Arts

Teaching in the arts aims to give children an understanding and appreciation of:

  • Dance. Complmenting their learning of dance in Health and Physical Education.
  • Music.  We have a specialist music teacher and each class receives one lesson of music per week. Our school also offers opportunities to sing with a choir, which sings at community events and participatse in the Annual Riverland Primary Schools’ Music Festival in the Chaffey Theatre. We also provide individual instrumental music lessons by private providers.
  • Drama
  • Media
  • Art & Craft

Learning in arts equips students for satisfying, lifelong creative involvement and pleasure. The richness of meaning expressed in arts serves to demonstrate a sense of self worth in individuals and communities. They learn to express themselves in different ways and to engage their imaginations and suspend belief.

Students at Our Lady of the River are provided with opportunities to attend quality performances  and educational excursions throughout the year and we also have various guest artists and groups perform at our school.

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