Pastoral Support Worker


The role of our Youth Support Worker, Mrs Stacey Hunter, is to assist with the faith formation of students in all facets of the school.

We hope that linking the School and the Parish family will bring them closer together. The Waikerie Parish is also included even though it does not have a Catholic school.

Co-ordinating the St Catherine's visits and Mini Vinnies to undertake projects, discuss social justice issues and get involved in the community is part of the position of our Youth Support Worker.

Outreach is also another aspect of the role. The Principals often consult with the Youth Support Worker to if they feel a family is in need of additional support.

Coffee ‘n’ Chat mornings and Breakfast Clubs are some of the projects I have instigated.

In the words of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop - 'If I see a need then I try and do something about it'." That’s what our Pastoral Support Worker does.

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