In The Classroom

At our school, we work hard to provide the right learning environment for our students.

  • Our Curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum which is balanced to develop the whole student.
  • Literacy and Numeracy is such an important developmental skill for children and our School is committed to this through our National Partnerships Program.
  • We offer Curriculum Support Programs to enhance student learning.
  • Facilities – all classrooms at Our Lady of the River have the latest in classroom innovation and teaching facilities.
  • The well-being of our students is as important to our school community as their education.
  • Our staff are the heart and soul of our School. They care about the children, their welfare, their education and their future.
  • When parents and grandparents are involved in the life of the school, we all benefit.
  • We pride ourselves on our uniform and we want our students to show their individuality by who they are, not what they wear.