OLOR Parent Network

There are some some exciting new activities being planned for parents and families at OLOR.

We're not talking about a P&F group or anything that involves hard work!

We've simply decided it's time we did something about all these ideas we talk about amongst ourselves when we meet up during school drop-off and pick-up.

Of course, we needed a name and we liked the sound of the OLOR Parent Network. This isn't a committee with a board or office positions or anything that requires regular commitment.

It's a way to organise some social and personal development sessions to build our OLOR community. Anyone is welcome to come along to a Parent Network session or, to pass on ideas.

At a recent meeting we talked about:

  • A family tea night.
  • Parent information/development sessions on topices including reading and writing literacy, family budgeting, using computers (Word, Outlook etc).
  • An exercise group which may be able to run after school with the possibility of a staffed creche for children at the school.
  • Assisting the SRC with any of their ideas which need a little parent help (ie school disco).

If you like the sound of these ideas then let us know. Come along next time we get together and share your thoughts!

The OLOR Parent Network

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